Graffiti Wall
<spoon>: Shhhh! Keep the noise down!
<billyfish>: One year later..... Wow this wall gets used loads....:)
<spoon>: We`re all too old and well behaved to do graffiti.
<billyfish>: Wow this wall gets used loads.... :)
<spoon>: Yarrrrr! A rare graffiti me hearties!
<[1966]gunter>: 66 men on the dead mans chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of grog
<holyonion>: boo
<holyonion>: noo
<billyfish>: Hey Hermie, Battlefield 1 looks good!
<[1966]Herman>: I MISS Day of Defeat and BF1942 :(
<[1966]Herman>: WE`RE BACK :) :)
<[1966]Herman>: ...with a nice, sweet mint sauce Bob :)
<mici>: I prefer them roasted :)
<spoon>: bahhhhhh!
<[1966]Herman>: All this bleating ! I should remind you all the Shaun The Sheep - The Movie is out (soon ?)
<spoon>: and a belated thanks :)
<andy>: and Happy Birthday Steve :-)
<andy>: and a belated thanks :)
<mici>: Belated Happy B`day old chap!
<andy>: ta :)
<Spoon>: Happy Birthday Andy! :D
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A new WarHammer Theme!

You can change the look and feel of the 1966GITS website to match our new enthusiasm for WAR by clicking here (or the link on the left-hand bar).
by Spoon on 15/10/2008 at 13:29
The GITS take to Warhammer Online! (See our forum).

Anybody wishing to join us should join the "ELTHARION" server, roll an ORDER character and whisper anybody in the "Grumpy Gits" guild for an invitation.

We also have a DESTRUCTION guild on "KARAK EIGHT PEAKS" (also called the "Grumpy Gits") if you want to try the dark-side, but I don't think this guild is very active.
by Spoon on 07/10/2008 at 14:14
Geldof's Beaststalker shoulders dropped!

More on this breaking news here

by Spoon on 16/05/2008 at 13:27
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